Monday, November 19, 2007

Week 1 Post A

ambient: completely surrounding or encompassing pg. 6

ranchette: a very small ranch tending to be about a few acres max. pg. 27


Mr. Boyd Eisenhower is a symbol of Honey Santana's paranoia. Her son Fry's safety is her main priority and Mr. Boyd Eisenhower's horrible outburst represents the dangerous people that would be capable of making the world a WORSE place than it already is.

It is an ironic occurrence that Sammy Tigertail borrowed a boat that is Honey Santana's ex-husbands considering these to parties were never previously related to the reader's knowledge.

The description of Boyd Shreave is full of about 7 different metaphors comparing his individual characteristics to that of automobiles, worms, elvis, and herbal baldness remedies.


" 'I don't get it. You've got more than enough to bury him already.' 'The deeper the better,' said Lily Shreave, snapping her purse shut." pg. 25

This is my favorite quote from this section of reading because it shows that Lily Shreave is no twit readily prepared to be lied to and cheated on by a dirt bag of a husband Boyd a.k.a. Boyd Eisenhower. This significance of this quote is forshadowing. Later in the section she performs a sexual act on Boyd in a public place where he feels very awkward and only thinking to himself that he can't emotionally support two women. I predict in the next round of their story that they will divorce or she will meet Eugenie Fonda, the mistress.

So far I haven't been able to recognize the theme of this story considering it's only the exposition. My best guess is that there will be some love triangle where the main characters will learn that it is best just to be themselves.

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