Monday, November 19, 2007

Week 1 Post B

The book is split into three different stories that I believe will all be combined eventually. My favorite and most page turning story so far is that of Lily and Boyd Shreave. Lily is wealthy, very wealthy, to good to be stuck with her deadbeat husband. Lily has suspicions of cheating so she hires a detective to follow and take pictures of her husbands in acts of adultery. It's not hard. Boyd, a telephone salesman, is having a hot and heavy affair with Eugenie Fonda whose social history is insane. They work together and Relentless, Inc. in Texas. The detective shows pictures of Boyd and Eugenie together. Example, there is a particular picture of Eugenie giving a blow job to Boyd in a restaurant. Lily decides that she wants more, more proof. She is not in denial but I think that she wants to know why and to what extent. Lily also is going to divorce Boyd soon, but first she wants to play with is mind a little. She starts sexually enticing him after five months of no sex. This makes Boyd feel very awkward and he feels that he can't emotionally support two women at once. Oh well.
Sammy Tigertail is having dreams about the man that died on his boat which doesn't disturb him but more questions what he is going to do in the future. There is a quick flashback to his past. He is half Semonile and half white. He lived with his white father until he died where he then moved into a reservation with his mother where he seemed to be more in tune with nature. Other than making the connection with Honey Santana's ex-husband's boat, there isn't much to his individual story.
Honey Santana seems young but that might just be an impression of her name. She doesn't like her husband, or so that's the impression she gives off. She can't hold a job, and she has a son named Fry. Money is tight so she is always borrowing from her ex-husband who from hearing how she was felt up then quit her old job still seems to be in love with her. He went to jail for smuggling pot and other sorts of drugs and illegal substances. She exploded and vice versa at a telephone salesman who happened to be Boyd Shreave. Boyd got fired from this incident but Santana wants to find him and give him a free ecotour of the everglades where Tigertail resides. Slowly but surely I think this story will all come together.

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