Thursday, January 17, 2008

Week 7 Post B

Overall i really liked this book. I normally don't like reading and or writing of any kind but the freelance of this assignment really made it partially less suck-ish if you will. Although, throughout the story, Sammy Tigertail and his journey really did not entertain me as a much as the stories of Fry, Honey Santana, Perry Skinner, and the other characters from the polar side which is Boyd Shreave, Lily Shreave, Eugenie Fonda, and then you also have the mostly random but splashes of light characters Wilson, Gillian, and Louis Piejack. I loved the end because most books will try and trick people and have a quirky ending which mostly just turns and stupid and ruins the whole book. I loved that this story ended well because there are way to many depressing ones out there. Why not read something that makes you smile? The only thing that i didn't like about this book was the really lame title. NATURE GIRL. How stupid is that? Sorry Carl Hiaasen but that was a bad choice. Some of my friends didn't even want to look at it because it sounded lame. I thought it would be too but then i read the first page and it was amazing. The title seems to focus on Honey Santana who i guess without her ambition this whole story would have been toast.

Week 7 Post A

pg. 266 sinuous-having many curves, or bends
pg. 267 epidural-injection of pain killer when giving birth

Figurative Language
pg. 273 "And there the Simonle went, running on the bones of his ancestors."
This is a metaphor and also imagery.

pg. 272 "He had spotted the Gibson, his fondest connection to the white world, in the cinders of the dead campfire"
This is a symbol of tigertail's rebirth.


pg. 302 "... But there's too many so-called normal people with no soul and no balls."
I think this quote is awesome because it gives credit to every indiviual for all their certain attributes.

Revenge and Forgiveness.

Week 6 Post B

The relationship between Honey Santana and Perry Skinner is really confusing. They hate each other, and the love each other at the same time. I think the problem is that they both have made mistakes which both understand but they needed a separation for a while. I think that they were at different times in their lives. Perry Skinner got out of jail and was on a road to recovery from dealing and stealing marijuana and Honey was definitely preoccupied with raising Fry. Both i think had an understanding that they needed to split up for a while for Fry's sake to have a semi'normal life without his parents fighting all the time. After this whole experience with Louis Piejack i think that now Perry is more back to normalcy and Honey has got a better grip on society and it's lackingness in manners. 147Fry did voice his opinions and concerns about perry moving back in though. He is worried that they are both caught up in the moment (just like their quickie marriage after only knowing each other for two days) and he doesn't want either of them to make a mistake that they would regret later. But i think that its a combination of both. They are caught up in the moment and the love each other. So why not? Better sooner than later i guess. I hope that both of them will make a full recovery and that they will have a happy ending.

Week 6 Post A

pg. 225 deviant-differing from the normal
pg. 240 petty-of little or no importance

pg. 233 "Then all the sudden he was kissing her again"
This quote is ironic because at the beginning of this story he wanted Gillian to leave him alone and get off the island with her dumb boyfriend.

pg. 236 "By Lester"
This is an example of humorous relief because it is in the middle of the moment where Dealy is being taken away by a helicopter.

pg. 240 "Shortly before sunrise, the U.S. Coast Guard station in fort Meyers Beach had received a call from Fort Worth, Texas." This quote continues on to a lot of specific metaphors which are all relating to Lily Shreave's life.

pg. 225 "Darlin, who is this noodle dick?"
I love this quote because it is said by Louis Piejack and he thinks that he and Honey are together and this moment. It is almost ironic and sad how twisted Louis Piejack thinks that Honey will just come be with him after he sexually assaults her. FUNNY STUFF.

I have officially come to the conclusion that unless some huge twist comes in the next forty pages that the theme is revenge.

Week 5 Post B

(sorry about the title Mr. Hatten but Dick head of the year award is actually a funny line in the book.)
Boyd Shreave-Thinking that he's good enough to even have a mistress.
Boyd Shreave-Thinking about leaving his wife for Eugenie Fonda the Amazon woman.
Boyd Shreave-Stupid for leaving his wife because she is loaded.
Boyd Shreave-Dumb for exploding at Honey Santana on the phone.
Boyd Shreave-Dumb for thinking that he could still have his job after that.
Boyd Shreave-An idiot for thinking that a trip to the florida everglades would be a good idea.
Boyd Shreave-An idiot for taking Eugenie on the trip instead of HIS WIFE.
Boyd Shreave-For thinking that his wife wouldn't find out about the affair.
Boyd Shreave-For thinking that Eugenie would run away with him after he left his wife.
Boyd Shreave-For thinking that he can mooch off his wife's credit cards and thinking that she won't find out.
Boyd Shreave-For thinking that even though Honey Santana despises him and ties him up that she wants to make a move on him.
Boyd Shreave-For breaking his junk on a cactus.
Boyd Shreave-For thinking that when Eugenie left him that it was all a sick joke on HIM and that she would loveingly come out of the bushes to see her man.

Week 5 Post A

pg. 185 cistern- a reservoir or a tank holding water
pg. 196 poinciana-a tropical tree


pg. 191 "AH!" This is an example of onomatopoeia.

pg. 205 "The scream didn't sound like Genie. It sounded like a girl."
This quote is definitely ironic.

pg. 204 There is about two paragraphs of similes and metaphors all talking about the islands of the everglades.


"I'm going to nominate you for Dickhead of the Year Award." pg. 199

This has been my favorite quote of the entire book so far. When i read this I was seriously on the floor laughing. I completely agree with Honey that Boyd is completely a dickhead. He is so naive to think that Eugenie leaving with some cruel joke that they were playing on him.


I am now completely confident that the theme of this book is revenge.

Week 4 Post B

Dear Boyd Shreave,

These past days working at Relentless were amazing. I loved meeting with you and actually getting to know you better. Passing dirty notes and in front of the boss really hyped up my day. I loved being in the secrecy of your wife but now i think that our relationship must end. You don't work at Relentless anymore so i see a need to make a clean break from you. Honestly, I think that i need to go onto bigger and better things. You weren't making progress in your job and you were hindering my emotional and business success. So to put it blankly i am breaking up with you. Don't call me. I wish not to talk to you anymore and your number is blocked on my phone, cell and home.


P.S. Your cock is messed up from the stupid cactus.

Dear Managers of Relentless,
I would like to file a complaint against your client Boyd Shreave. He sends sexual notes to me during hours of work and touches me in innapropriate places. I would assume that you should fire this dirt bag immediatley.

Genie Fonda.

Dear Ms. Lily Shreave,

This is Genie Fonda. For a long time i have been having an affair with your husband which i recently broke off. I am really sorry but i feel that you should know that Boyd is a lying, cheating scum bag and you are to good for him. Your more successful and he mooches off of ou and your pizza money ALL THE TIME. I recomend that you break it off.

Genie Fonda.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Week 4 Post A

pg. 142 Ad Hoc-For a special purpose
pg. 149 insipidly-without distinctive, interesting, or important qualities
"...his stepmother had persuaded his father to invest the accumulated balance-16759.12- in 307 Beanie Baby Dolls..."pg. 149
This is an example of Irony.
"Get your camera, I see titties." pg. 155
This is an example of humorous relief because this quote is in the middle of a serious/tense part of the story.
"Strictly, SOP" pg. 165
This quote is foreshadowing. SOP means Standard Operation Procedure and and in about the next three pages SOP is mentioned again.
"Right side, Boyd, right side. Watch out for those snags, Genie."
I find this quoet funny because I believe that Haaisen wrote snags meaning Boyd in Genie's life.
I still think the theme in this book so far is REVENGE. It's pretty darn apparent.

Week 3 Post B

Dear. Boyd Shreave,

I would like to talk briefly with you on the matters of etiquette in the work place. Here and Relentless we pride ourselves in our politeness, our un-lingering work ethic, and our quality of product. Your phone call made to one of the name, Honey Santana, didn't show us your pride in this company and made the managers think long and hard about you and if you should continue to represent this company. We will allow you to continue working at Relentless if you abide by these rules:
1. No use of any words that such can be considered swearing and inappropriate.
2. The script which that of the company has supplied to you will always be read in full.
3. You will remain on probation for the next three months where one more slip and your existence at this company will be terminated.

Reply back with any concerns or questions.
Managers. Relentless

Dear Managers of Relentless,

I am sorry to inform you that I am not able to continue my work for your company. Relentless in my mind has always stood for a company of low lifes on welfare who enjoy making other people's life 's miserable. 97 I truly believe that this entire company is a complete sham of computer key board punchers and like to be told what to do. I will use to full capability of my vocal chords to scream absenities on your roof top with which i will find words that come from inside and not from some bullshit of a script. As for the probation that you would have put me on if i had decided to me a pack mule for the rest of my suck fest career, no thank you.

Sincerely, Boyd Shreave

Week 3 Post A

p. 89 patronize-to behave offensively
pg. 115 deluded-to mislead to mind, or misjudgment
pg. 104 " 'I thought you and me weren't going to have any secrets.' 'I don't recall such an agreement, Boyd.'"
This quote is an example of foreshadowing because eventually many secrets come out from Eugenie Fonda. Also this is a symbol of Boyd's naiveness and stupidity.

pg. 114 "'Unless you feel guilty,' Eugenie said, 'about mooching off your wife.'"
This quote is ironic because earlier in the story Eugenie didn't mind Boyd mooching off his wife. Now she is realizing what a loser he is and is coming to her senses. She unknowingly criticizes her own judgement by making fun of Boyd.
pg.94 "'Aphenphosmphobia-you can look it up. Dr. Millard Garfield was the one who first documented it."

I love this quote. It just proves to me that Boyd Shreave is obviously one of the dumbest characters ever. This Aphenphosmphobia is a fear of being groped when lilly is trying to be kinky and mess with his head. It's really pathetic. I almost feel sorry but not really.
So far i am sticking with the revenge theory. I really am not to interested with sammy tigertails point of view and i find the whole controversy with Honey Santana and Boyd to be way more interesting.