Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2/20 post B

pg. 32 "You know, you can't walk into a club with a thong on and a string and talk about that you've got mystery. Everybody can look at you and see that you're a ho. Put something on. Cover yourself up. Get some mystery in your flirting."

In this book Medea is really real and is not afraid to speak her mind. I used to always think that a person shouldn't say anything unless it was good but then Medea makes me think, how will a person know any better? Human society copies from media. Teens see hos in music videos slutting around, not respecting themselves. Do they know any better? No because no one told them to class up. Medea would. In her ten commandments number eight is "Stand up straight" so clearly she would like to make everyone at least honorable to start.

pg. 27 "I had this little girl come up to me and say, 'Madea, I have sex with a lot of people because it makes me feel loved' I told her, I said, 'Baby, having sex with a lot of people don't make you feel loved, it makes you a ho. And I ain't never met a man who said 'I'm looking for a nice ho to settle down with.' " So Shut it down.

I don't think Madea takes any bs from people looking for her advice. As described here, clearly a young girl's cry for comfort and a nod for her ugly actions, Madea just says no, your a ho. Stop making dumb excuses. Overall theme i think is represented here because she seems to be aiming toward self respect. Don't go sleeping around, it not good for you, your image, or your health. As she says also on page 27 "I don't understand why these children will walk around in this day and not use something to protect themselves from AIDS and other stuff" In this quote she refers to young people as children i believe is a striking phrase. Add children, a word that sounds so pure and innocent, and add it in with words like condom, AIDS, and sex. This whole chapter is very revealing of how very real Madea is and how she speaks the truth. This realness definitely shows in the title, Madea's Uninhibited Commentaries On Love and Life. It's almost like the word uninhibited is a warning for how raw her language is.

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