Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2/27 post b

"Here's another stupid reason to get married: you want a wedding!" pg 49

I just saw the movie twenty seven dresses and i know this is a little random but i must say what girl doesn't want to have a wedding? If not the wedding then a party? I want to party, maybe not as hard when family is around but what person doesn't want to have a good time in general? This book is annoying me just a little bit. It is written in the point of view of a man pretending to be an old ghetto woman. When i saw the book at first i thought it would be funny, but now i'm getting peeved. Super peeved. Not that grammar mistakes bug me that much but this book is like reading a song from Hurricane chris. I have to read it over and over again for it to make sense. Oh well. It's funny but not enough. Out of the twenty four lines on each page there are probably about three funny ones and the rest repeat constantly.

My favorite chapter so far is CHEATING ON YOUR SPOUSE. why? because it's not about cheating on your spouse. It's actually about spicing up a married couple's sex life. What she recommends is that one of the spouses play a hooker on the street corner and the other comes and picks them up. Her explanation of this is hil hil .

Another good chapter Marrying Someone Like Your Parents.
pg. 52 "But if your parents were crazy as hell, please don't marry them. Nine times out of ten, you do"
I love that she recommends to marry someone unlike your parents. The reason parents move out is the get away from parents unless you find the unlucky souls who still live in their parents basement.

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