Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 2 Post A

flaccid (personalty) : soft and limp, not firm flabby pg 51

morosely: gloomy or sullenly pg. 56


On page 56 " In the car Honey reached to turn down the radio, only to find it was off."
This is an ironic quote. Also, in this same quote is a symbol. The music Honey hears is that in her own head. She sometimes goes a little insane. She has very high highs and very low lows. When she starts to get this way she hears random music in her head. This music is a symbol of her progression into one of these stages.

On page 81 " 'Then all you get is a free trip to Florida,' said Boyd Shreave's wife, 'which isn't such a bad deal, is it?'" This is an example of foreshadowing. My prediction is that something terrible will happen when the detective goes to Florida, either an encounter with is client's husband or a run in with Honey Santana.


"'Here's what else: Boyd was fired several days ago from the call center. He was out banging Ms. Fonda when his boss called to ask where to mail his final paycheck-minus the cost of some missing office supplies.' Dealey said, 'Mr. Shreave has no idea that you're onto him?' 'No, it's pathetic. I'll give him as much rope as he needs to hang himself. ..."

This is my favorite quote because first of all, Lily Shreave is definately a dominant figure in this book. Basically she kicks major Shreave ass. The only weird thing about this individual story so far is that she wants footage of actual penetration, aka meaning she was a closer look at them having sex which I find pretty weird. She already has enough footage to sue him and take him all for the little that he is worth. But I suspect there is some grudge against him. Then again I wouldn't want to get that deep of footage if I had been cheated on and hired a detective to figure it out.


Still pretty shady on the theme of this book but I so far am getting a hint of self happiness and REVENGE. Lily wants to get back at Boyd and Honey wants to get back also at Boyd. Sammy Tigertail's business in this book has not been specified so far.

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