Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 2 Post B


In this section of the three stories, the complicated mess just simply continues. Honey Santana meets with her ex husband who is now actually a reasonable man who cares for Fry greatly. She meets with him the first get money for her new adventure with Eugenie Fonda to Florida which she is hosting. The money will be for kayaks and hotel expenses. She also needs plane tickets. Skinner, the ex-husband/father, starts to get worried. His initial thought is that she was taking Fry somewhere, and if she did that would be against their agreement in the divorce papers. But she explains that Fry also needs to stay at his house during this experience. She also expresses her concerns. She doesn't want his drug friends coming over, or his other women. (Here she displays lots of jealousy which complicates the situation even more). Skinner, being kind of clean and has total respect for Fry understands and agrees without a moment to spare. You can feel the tension reep from the pages during this specific section. There are mixed feelings from both. Skinner is especially confusing because he heard of Honey getting fired from the crab house and was about to go hurt the owner who grabbed her boob. WEIRD.
Instead of taking his wife, Boyd Shreave decides to take is lover Eugenie. She, having "moved on" to a even more boring man at the office agrees, even though she has many doubts. Although Boyd is trying to be more spontaneous, his efforts lack and Lily can't help but chuckle to herself. She has got him wrapped around her little finger. The detective is going to Florida too. I think there will be a controversy there consider the foreshadowing that took place in many quotes.

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