Monday, January 14, 2008

Week 3 Post A

p. 89 patronize-to behave offensively
pg. 115 deluded-to mislead to mind, or misjudgment
pg. 104 " 'I thought you and me weren't going to have any secrets.' 'I don't recall such an agreement, Boyd.'"
This quote is an example of foreshadowing because eventually many secrets come out from Eugenie Fonda. Also this is a symbol of Boyd's naiveness and stupidity.

pg. 114 "'Unless you feel guilty,' Eugenie said, 'about mooching off your wife.'"
This quote is ironic because earlier in the story Eugenie didn't mind Boyd mooching off his wife. Now she is realizing what a loser he is and is coming to her senses. She unknowingly criticizes her own judgement by making fun of Boyd.
pg.94 "'Aphenphosmphobia-you can look it up. Dr. Millard Garfield was the one who first documented it."

I love this quote. It just proves to me that Boyd Shreave is obviously one of the dumbest characters ever. This Aphenphosmphobia is a fear of being groped when lilly is trying to be kinky and mess with his head. It's really pathetic. I almost feel sorry but not really.
So far i am sticking with the revenge theory. I really am not to interested with sammy tigertails point of view and i find the whole controversy with Honey Santana and Boyd to be way more interesting.

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