Monday, October 1, 2007

Week 2 part 3

My Reaction

To the reading in this section I was very curious about the character of Augusten. I compared his life to mine and noticed the many differences. Is he really real?
His confession to being gay did not surprise me. Sadly I have a small stereotype of gay men as being very feminine. Augusten's obsession about his hair, clothes, and sense of music gave me a hint to his current direction of sexuality. In this section when Neil Bookman conversed with Augusten about his life situation including his mother, the Finch family, and eventually his sexuality. It was surprising to Bookmen that the real reason for this meeting was the concept of Augusten's liking for men. Bookmen's reaction surprised me too. What did he think they were going to talk about? What did he think Hope contacted him for?
Deirdre is a lesbian and is in a relationship with a minister's wife named Fern. It seems so unreal yet the crudeness of the context where Augusten's view of the relationship is explained compels me to accept in it and believe it as true as holy scripture. Likely because i would have reacted the same way as Augusten in the situation he was in. Accept it and move on. His mother is a chain smoking, broke writer who left her child with her shrink. Would anything strike him anymore? I wouldn't think so.

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