Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3 Part 2

I think that this book just gets crazier as more pages are written. I liked that his brother stayed in contact with him through his childhood. I find that inspiring considering that at the end of this section they don't have the same legal guardian anymore.
Burroughs relationship with Bookman freaks me out. Wouldn't Bookman be consider a pedophile in real life? I also though it was funny how Burroughs told Dr. Finch about it. Wouldn't Dr. Finch stop that? Technically since Bookman and Burroughs both have Dr. Finch as a dad aren't they considered brothers? Overall I thought it was gross because they were still family.
Dr. Finch and his mother agree that Burroughs should fake a suicide attempt to get out of school. That theory is so twisted to me. If my parents told me to fake a suicide by drinking beer, taking pills, and then staying in a hospital for weeks just to skip school i would laugh thinking it would be a total joke. How nuts do you have to be to consider faking a suicide? I start to get skeptical about the honesty of this book even though the writing is incredible.
His relationship with Natalie has become close. I never thought that Natalie would come into the book as a character after she was first introduced in the beginning when Burroughs first met Finch family. I have this weird prediction that even though Natalie is in a relationship with a supposed older man (who beats her) that Natalie and Burroughs will form a special relationship such as Bookman and Burroughs have.

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