Monday, October 1, 2007

Week 2 part 1

After living in the house for a while Augusten is starting to become more comfortable with the family. In this section he is introduced to Dr. Finch's wife, Agnes. She is basically the cleaning lady. The house they live in is disastrous. Everything is dirty, grimy, and messy yet the Finch's like living this way. It is homey and free-spirited. Agnes is very accepting, except when it comes to Dr. Finch's many extra lovers whom Agnes despises yet grows accustomed to.
Augusten is introduced to another house guest who never leaves her room but will be moving out in a matter of a couple of months. In this section of the book, Augusten also reveals that he is gay to Hope. Hope understands and expected it. She calls her adopted brother Neil Bookman who agrees to meet and talk with Augusten about the matter. Hope also shows Augusten an interesting way of answering life's questions, called Bible Dipping.
When visiting home, Augusten finds that his mom is having a lesbian affair with Fern Stewart, a minister's wife. Augusten's view of his mother at this point is that she is selfish and crude, that she only thinks about herself. This motivates Augusten to spend more and more time at the Finch's.
Also in this section Dr. Finch held a UNITE THE FATHERS OF THE WORLD parade. In which many pedestrians called the police afraid of being sexually assaulted. The police arrived and asked many questions to which Dr. Finch answered and was innocent of all accusations.

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