Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 4 part 2


In this section of Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs many interesting events happen. It starts with Bookman and Burroughs exchanging sexual favors that I am not going to go into detail about. Then Natalie and Burroughs decide that they love to sing. They make family members play the piano to theme songs which they belt out. Natalie and Burroughs belt out Blondie in front of the mirror into curling irons and sometimes fans. Hope starts to get annoyed. Eventually they want to preform somewhere. The decided a mental ward. As Natalie and Burroughs sing for crazed patients one crazy old man spits at them and Natalie spits back.
Hope has a temporary brake down where she believes her cat Freud is going to die. The cat, perfectly healthy, is very annoyed. Augusten discovers the missing Hope in the basement lying next the a laundry basket with a trapped cat inside. She wants to be with him when he passes. Freud eventually dies according to Hope by "Kitty Leukemia" but Augusten believes that he died because he didn't have food or water for four days. Hope buries Freud by a tree only to try and dig him back up. Dr. Finch tells her not to so she doesn't.
Hope and her brother Bookman have a quick fight about the matter of love and are focusing on how Hope basically hasn't gotten laid in a long time. Then Hope criticizes Bookman and Burroughs relationship calling it immature. Bookman and Burroughs again exchange sexual favors but then take their relationship a little deeper. Bookman lets Burroughs die his her "blond" which turns out green.
At the very end of this section Deidre dumps Fern for one of Dr. Finch's new patients. Her name is Dorothy and waits on Deidre's every whim. Burroughs doesn't care considering she is rich and gives him money for whatever he wants. Deidre is taken to an asylum. That didn't last long considering she came back with a family ditching foreign fugitive. Now there is a relationship between all three which isn't odd to Burroughs strangely enough.


Jim said...

Running With Scissors sounds like a very interesting book. The variety in the book seems captivating; just as I start to read about these two characters deciding that they love to sing, the author has twisted the plot and is talking about a dying cat. Although I haven't read this book, your description seems to touch on each different plot in the memoir.
Great Job,

morgan said...

Although your post starts out strange, this book sounds good. All the different events and characters are intriguing and it sounds like a very interesting book.
Good job covering all the different aspects!