Sunday, October 21, 2007

Week 5 part 2

1. Summarization

Upon coming home from the metal hospital, Deidre brought home a convicted "lumberjack" who she and Dorothy had sexual relations with. After getting kicked out of the house the lumberjack came to live with the Finches for a while until Natalie had sex with him for money. Dr. Finch kicked him out.
Back at the Finch house, Natalie and Augusten went to McDonalds with Natalie's new earned money. In a park near by after they smoked marijuana. The two then decided to become adventurous visiting Smith College and running through a waterfall on campus coming home soaking wet. Hope was disappointed that they didn't ask her to join in on the fun.
The Finches were tight on money so they decided to have a rummage sale. Eventually an entire room was created outside. Most of the Finch family liked living outside and the situation stayed for a while.
Augusten goes to visit his mother's house. She and Dorothy have both gone insane. Their back yard is full of their silverware. Augusten calls for backup, Hope comes and Deirdre is taken away again. This time by Dr. Finch to a motel where Deirdre discovers a very accepting woman named Winnie Pye. Eventually Winnie Pye takes Deidre away from Finch.
Bookman dissapears. After telling Augusten that he was going for more film in his camera at two in the morning he never came back. Hope and Augusten traveled to fin him but a year went on and no word. This absence in Augusten leaves him with an itch he will never be able to scratch. Augusten decides to find a new boyfriend. He discovered a target working at a gas station. Augusten wrote a note to him only to discover that he was straight. The section ends in this sorrow.

2. Reaction

This section of Running With Scissors seemed very uneventful. I think that it seemed this way because I'm an now used to crazy things happening. It's become the norm. I am glad that Natalie and Augusten are becoming so close. Augusten seems to need a friend with all the phsyco things happening with his mom. His mom needs to be institutionalized but not with Dr. Finch. I am becoming very suspicious of his efforts to cure her of insanity. I believe that Winnie Pye will be a good figure in her life to look up to. I believe that Augusten thinks this too deep down. My trust with Dr. Finch and his methods are failing.
I feel bad for Bookman. All he ever loved was Augusten and Augusten barely gave him the time of day. But, Bookman was being to naive.Did he really think that he could keep a relationship with a 14 year old boy? That's illegal. I wonder what Bookman ended up doing with the rest of his life. I stray away from the thought of suicide but more in the direction of a rebirth of Neil Bookman. A new lifestyle was ahead. As for Augusten I believe that he didn't care so much as what happened to Bookman but what more the feelings Bookman left HIM with. I think that is very selfish. Although he did look for him for a year with no luck. Augusten needed Bookman to leave his life for him to think more clearly about his future. What is he going to do with the rest of his life?

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Davschneidner said...

Sammy this book sounds awfulling interesting with sexual relations and all. Your blog was very detailed and gives me a good look at what your book is about. I also really liked your reation it is good to hear that you like your book and it usually very exciting. After reading your summaries of these books it makes me want to read it also. GOOD WORK!