Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 3 part 1

1. Summary

This section of Running With Scissors starts off with ending the chapter about his brother Troy. Augusten looks up to him as a normal figure in society, even though Troy's occupation is designing guitars for the rock band KISS. The brothers agree that their mom is insane.
The next couple chapters are about his sexual relationship with Neil Bookman. Neil forces a a sexual act upon Augusuten and eventually their relationship turns mutual. The become sexually close but Augusten questions their relationship while writing in his diary. Neil becomes very desperate for Augusten saying that if Augusten left him he would kill himself. Augusten doesn't care or merely plays hard to get.
Augusten hates school. He hates the people in school. Dr. Finch and his mom come up with a plan. They are going to fake a suicide so Augusten can get out of school for a couple of months and be under the "intensive care" of Dr. Finch. His mom drove him to the hospital after taking bourbon and some certain pill that made him pass out and be very grogy for several weeks. Then when he went back home to his mother she told him that his legal guiardian was now Dr. Finch.
At the end of this section Augusten and Natalie decide that the ceiling is way to low so they knock it out. Their project was messy, dirty and destructive. After putting in a sun roof the whole family was pleased because it lit up the entire kitchen, even if they did have to leave a pot to catch the rain under it.

2. Biography


-This book was made into a major motion picture and there is some controversy considering that the real Turcotte family is suing Burroughs and movie directors.
-Burroughs dropped out of school and got his GED at age seventeen. He got a high paying job in advertising.

-Born on October 23 1965 in Pittsburgh Pennslyvannia.

-Six members of the Turcotte family, survivors of psychiatrist Rodolph H. Turcotte, last year sued Burroughs,who was named Christopher Robison, for defamation, invasion of privacy, fraud, and emotional distress.

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