Monday, January 14, 2008

Week 4 Post A

pg. 142 Ad Hoc-For a special purpose
pg. 149 insipidly-without distinctive, interesting, or important qualities
"...his stepmother had persuaded his father to invest the accumulated balance-16759.12- in 307 Beanie Baby Dolls..."pg. 149
This is an example of Irony.
"Get your camera, I see titties." pg. 155
This is an example of humorous relief because this quote is in the middle of a serious/tense part of the story.
"Strictly, SOP" pg. 165
This quote is foreshadowing. SOP means Standard Operation Procedure and and in about the next three pages SOP is mentioned again.
"Right side, Boyd, right side. Watch out for those snags, Genie."
I find this quoet funny because I believe that Haaisen wrote snags meaning Boyd in Genie's life.
I still think the theme in this book so far is REVENGE. It's pretty darn apparent.

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