Thursday, January 17, 2008

Week 6 Post A

pg. 225 deviant-differing from the normal
pg. 240 petty-of little or no importance

pg. 233 "Then all the sudden he was kissing her again"
This quote is ironic because at the beginning of this story he wanted Gillian to leave him alone and get off the island with her dumb boyfriend.

pg. 236 "By Lester"
This is an example of humorous relief because it is in the middle of the moment where Dealy is being taken away by a helicopter.

pg. 240 "Shortly before sunrise, the U.S. Coast Guard station in fort Meyers Beach had received a call from Fort Worth, Texas." This quote continues on to a lot of specific metaphors which are all relating to Lily Shreave's life.

pg. 225 "Darlin, who is this noodle dick?"
I love this quote because it is said by Louis Piejack and he thinks that he and Honey are together and this moment. It is almost ironic and sad how twisted Louis Piejack thinks that Honey will just come be with him after he sexually assaults her. FUNNY STUFF.

I have officially come to the conclusion that unless some huge twist comes in the next forty pages that the theme is revenge.

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