Thursday, January 17, 2008

Week 6 Post B

The relationship between Honey Santana and Perry Skinner is really confusing. They hate each other, and the love each other at the same time. I think the problem is that they both have made mistakes which both understand but they needed a separation for a while. I think that they were at different times in their lives. Perry Skinner got out of jail and was on a road to recovery from dealing and stealing marijuana and Honey was definitely preoccupied with raising Fry. Both i think had an understanding that they needed to split up for a while for Fry's sake to have a semi'normal life without his parents fighting all the time. After this whole experience with Louis Piejack i think that now Perry is more back to normalcy and Honey has got a better grip on society and it's lackingness in manners. 147Fry did voice his opinions and concerns about perry moving back in though. He is worried that they are both caught up in the moment (just like their quickie marriage after only knowing each other for two days) and he doesn't want either of them to make a mistake that they would regret later. But i think that its a combination of both. They are caught up in the moment and the love each other. So why not? Better sooner than later i guess. I hope that both of them will make a full recovery and that they will have a happy ending.

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