Thursday, January 17, 2008

Week 5 Post B

(sorry about the title Mr. Hatten but Dick head of the year award is actually a funny line in the book.)
Boyd Shreave-Thinking that he's good enough to even have a mistress.
Boyd Shreave-Thinking about leaving his wife for Eugenie Fonda the Amazon woman.
Boyd Shreave-Stupid for leaving his wife because she is loaded.
Boyd Shreave-Dumb for exploding at Honey Santana on the phone.
Boyd Shreave-Dumb for thinking that he could still have his job after that.
Boyd Shreave-An idiot for thinking that a trip to the florida everglades would be a good idea.
Boyd Shreave-An idiot for taking Eugenie on the trip instead of HIS WIFE.
Boyd Shreave-For thinking that his wife wouldn't find out about the affair.
Boyd Shreave-For thinking that Eugenie would run away with him after he left his wife.
Boyd Shreave-For thinking that he can mooch off his wife's credit cards and thinking that she won't find out.
Boyd Shreave-For thinking that even though Honey Santana despises him and ties him up that she wants to make a move on him.
Boyd Shreave-For breaking his junk on a cactus.
Boyd Shreave-For thinking that when Eugenie left him that it was all a sick joke on HIM and that she would loveingly come out of the bushes to see her man.

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