Thursday, January 17, 2008

Week 7 Post B

Overall i really liked this book. I normally don't like reading and or writing of any kind but the freelance of this assignment really made it partially less suck-ish if you will. Although, throughout the story, Sammy Tigertail and his journey really did not entertain me as a much as the stories of Fry, Honey Santana, Perry Skinner, and the other characters from the polar side which is Boyd Shreave, Lily Shreave, Eugenie Fonda, and then you also have the mostly random but splashes of light characters Wilson, Gillian, and Louis Piejack. I loved the end because most books will try and trick people and have a quirky ending which mostly just turns and stupid and ruins the whole book. I loved that this story ended well because there are way to many depressing ones out there. Why not read something that makes you smile? The only thing that i didn't like about this book was the really lame title. NATURE GIRL. How stupid is that? Sorry Carl Hiaasen but that was a bad choice. Some of my friends didn't even want to look at it because it sounded lame. I thought it would be too but then i read the first page and it was amazing. The title seems to focus on Honey Santana who i guess without her ambition this whole story would have been toast.

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