Monday, January 14, 2008

Week 3 Post B

Dear. Boyd Shreave,

I would like to talk briefly with you on the matters of etiquette in the work place. Here and Relentless we pride ourselves in our politeness, our un-lingering work ethic, and our quality of product. Your phone call made to one of the name, Honey Santana, didn't show us your pride in this company and made the managers think long and hard about you and if you should continue to represent this company. We will allow you to continue working at Relentless if you abide by these rules:
1. No use of any words that such can be considered swearing and inappropriate.
2. The script which that of the company has supplied to you will always be read in full.
3. You will remain on probation for the next three months where one more slip and your existence at this company will be terminated.

Reply back with any concerns or questions.
Managers. Relentless

Dear Managers of Relentless,

I am sorry to inform you that I am not able to continue my work for your company. Relentless in my mind has always stood for a company of low lifes on welfare who enjoy making other people's life 's miserable. 97 I truly believe that this entire company is a complete sham of computer key board punchers and like to be told what to do. I will use to full capability of my vocal chords to scream absenities on your roof top with which i will find words that come from inside and not from some bullshit of a script. As for the probation that you would have put me on if i had decided to me a pack mule for the rest of my suck fest career, no thank you.

Sincerely, Boyd Shreave

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